ZT Rahcs, Inc.

ccb# 182403
Excavation Services
ZT Rahcs, Inc. is a full service excavation contractor serving Douglas County, Oregon.
If you need dirt or rock moved, we can do it.
Roads & Driveways
Building Pads & Utilities
Excavation in Small Spaces
Do you have potholes or ruts in your driveway? ZT Rahcs, Inc. can reshape and resurface existing roads and driveways, install culverts and fix ditches and drainage issues. ZT Rahcs, Inc. also builds new roads and driveways.
Buildings are a long term investment and you want the foundation of your house, barn or shop on a good base. ZT Rahcs, Inc. can excavate your building pad and prepare the site for your new building to prevent long term issues with drainage, slides and earth movement. ZT Rahcs, Inc. also installs underground utilties like water line and electrical conduit to your new home. ZT Rahcs, Inc. can also dig up and repair existing underground utilities.
Do you have concrete failing on your patio in the backyard? Or a ditch that needs digging between buildings? ZT Rahcs, Inc. has small machinery made for tight spaces and equipment for hammering out concrete. Let ZT Rahcs, Inc. save your back from the hard work.
Ponds & Spring Development
Brush Removal
Trail Building & Habitat Restoration
Poison oak, blackberries and other troublesome brush abound in Douglas County. If you want to reduce the fire hazard around your home, ZT Rahcs Inc. has brush mowing equipment to make your urban interface property firewise.
Do you need more water? Whether you need to water livestock, your yard and garden or just want a pond for wildlife, ZT Rahcs, Inc. can build ponds, develop springs, dig wet wells and install storage tanks and pipe to get water to where you need it.
Does your neighborhood or resort need hiking or biking trails? Do you need a walking path to access your river frontage? ZT Rahcs, Inc. designs, lays out, and builds trails for hikers, bicyclists, horses and OHV's (off-highway vehicles). If you have a natural area that has been over-loved or abused, ZT Rahcs, Inc. can rehabilitate and restore natural habitats.